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Add On: Emulsion & UV Exposure Bulb

Add On: Emulsion & UV Exposure Bulb

$ 29.99


Emulsion & Exposure Bulb Pack Includes: 1 jar of Screen Emulsion  & 1 UV High Powered Exposure Bulb

DIY Print Shop Emulsion • Holds pristine detail with every exposure • Extremely fast exposure time for quicker screen burning • Has a shelf Life 6-8 months. 

Our DIY UV Screen Exposure Bulb is a great way to expose emulsion for an economical price. This CFL UV Fluorescent Bulb is specifically manufactured for DIY Print Shop and not available on the market anywhere else. Simply screw in the bulb to any light fixture and safely expose a screen with the recommended WBP Dual Cure Emulsion for 10-11 minutes in a light safe environment.

Bulb Tech Specs

  • Electrical: 110v 25W 60 Hz
  • Mount: E27 Base
  • UV Wave Length: 360-380nm