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XL Poster Screen Printing Kit

XL Poster Screen Printing Kit

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With the XL Poster Screen Printing Kit you can screen print posters with ease, but you can also print t-shirts and apparel too! The main differences between the GIG Poster kit & the Shop Kit, is that this kit includes: a larger platen, larger squeegee, larger screen (it's a higher mesh count screen too, which is great for printing detailed art work), and a pack for French paper® brand paper.

The XL Kit is great kit for beginners as well as experienced screen printers. The GIG Poster Kit includes everything you need to set-up shop and screen print all types of things including posters, t-shirts + more! 

Here's what's included:

DIY Print Shop™ 1-Color Pro Screen Printing Press • XL Size 16”x20” Screen Printing Platen  XL Size 18”x24” 230 Mesh Wood Silk Screen ⭑ XL Size 14” Wood Squeegee ⭑ UV Exposure Light ⭑ Emulsion Screen Scoop Coater ⭑ Yellow Dark Room Light Safe Bulb ⭑ Mini Bucket of Screen Emulsion ⭑ Jar of Pitch Black Screen Printing Eco Ink ⭑ Jar of Mars Red Screen Printing Eco Ink ⭑ Bottle Eco Screen Grease Remover ⭑ Bottle Eco Emulsion Remover ⭑ Bottle Quick-Tack Platen Adhesive ⭑ 2 Reusable Clean-up Scrub Pads ⭑ 10 Pack Art Film Transparencies ⭑ Roll of Screen Tape ⭑ 5 Pack of Heavyweight Clean-up Cards ⭑ 4 Pairs of Clean-Up Gloves ⭑ Pack of French Paper® brand Screen Printing Poster Paper 

Quality Made in the USA | Eco-Friendly

video note: exposure light seen in the GIG Poster video has since been replaced to a better, streamlined UV exposure light bulb